Secondary Analysis to Generate Evidence (SAGE)


What is SAGE?

Research data collected from publicly funded studies represents a coveted resource. SAGE turns this into shared capital to stimulate new research and increase scientific output.

Data legacy standards for research are shifting. Increasingly, the expectation from funders, publishers, institutions and other stakeholders is to manage data well and make data accessible. Data sharing can maximize value from the contributions of funders and participants, support replication, and allow others to build on previous work.

SAGE takes the administrative burden of sharing data off researchers' shoulders with best-practice processes and governance. Researchers remain in control: each data asset partnership is unique and SAGE tailors sharing possibilities according to the researcher's needs and institutional restrictions.

SAGE isn’t a passive repository. The comprehensive platform includes services to increase the value of data assets deposited such as: support for metadata development, data discovery, analytic support, and knowledge mobilization.


How does the SAGE work?

SAGE seeks to deposit datasets with the most value for secondary use in the areas of social, health, human ecology, and other related fields. Through its network of researchers, SAGE facilitates new collaborations and increases research productivity.

Access to data is vetted by a peer-review process to ensure scientific integrity. Research impact is actively tracked and repatriation of new data as a result of the novel research is also encouraged to iteratively build the SAGE depository. The process is governed by legal agreements and ethics approvals where applicable.

Through state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and governance processes, SAGE is building a bridge between data producers and secondary data users so that data can be shared easily, while protecting the interests of all parties, including that of the research participant.

For more information, please visit the SAGE website


Interested in working with SAGE?

For more information, please contact Jason Lau, Director of Data Operations at PolicyWise at or 780 408 8732.