Community Resources


The use of community resources have been shown to support positive outcomes for families. Please find below a list of organizations targeting early child development and promoting healthy outcomes for families.  To learn more about each resource, please click on the logo to be directed to their homepage. 




Alberta Health Services

The Alberta Health Services Parents webpage contains information about baby vaccines (immunizations), safety, everyday care, parenting, growth and development, and common health concerns.




Alberta Family Wellness Initiative 

The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) aims to apply emerging research about experienced-based brain and biological development as it relates to early childhood development and children’s mental health, and its lifelong impact on addiction and other negative health outcomes. The AFWI works to connect and integrate the science, policy, and practice communities within a framework of epigenetics and developmental and behavioural neurosciences.




The Alex, A Community Health Centre in Calgary

The Alex believes health is a complete state of physical, mental, emotional and economic well-being; not just the absence of disease. Their priority is to break down access and social barriers, by tailoring their services to meet individuals’ needs. From babies to seniors, their clients are as unique and special as the care they receive.




Calgary's Child, We Are Family 

Established in 1994, multiple award-winning Calgary's Child Magazine is recognized by local media, Calgary parents, health care professionals, educators and caregivers as the source for news and information about issues, classes, activities and support for families in Calgary and the surrounding communities.




Calgary Reads, Creating readers, supporting families and strengthening communities.

Calgary Reads collaborates with schools, families, professionals and community partners to support, facilitate and advocate for early literacy. They do this through programs and initiatives designed for children from birth to eight years and their parents, teachers, mentors, caregivers and communities.


Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation was founded by Katharina Staub, the mother of prematurely-born twins. The foundation's purpose is to support the best standards of care for premature babies and to give premature babies and their families a voice across Canada.



CenteringPregnancy, Prenatal Care in Groups

CenteringPregnancy, located in The Alex Community Health Centre, provides prenatal group care to new mothers and their families or support person. Groups are led by a doctor and childbirth educator, or a nurse. Each session starts with an individual check-up with the doctor. The rest of the session is spent in an interactive setting, doing activities, sharing stories and learning about pregnancy and prenatal care from each other and from health care providers. It’s a wonderful way to make friends with others who will give birth the same month that you are expecting!


Parent Link Centre

The Parent Link Centre provide five core areas of services: 1) Parent Education, 2) Early Child development and care, 3) Family Support, 4) Information and referrals and 5) Ages and Stages Developmental screening.




Palix Foundation

The Palix Foundation is a private foundation in Alberta working in the areas of childhood development, addiction, and mental health.